American Standard Water Heater Reviews & Comprehensive Buying Guide 2021

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Water is one of the most important resources in any household. Every day we need warm water for different purposes such as for taking a shower, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, and much more.

Unfortunately, the majority of folks don’t spend time learning about the different types of units and the features they have. Instead, they choose a product based on the price and brand name, which can be the biggest mistake they can ever make.

A very few individuals know that a water heater has a massive impact on their residence’s energy efficiency and yearly charges of electricity bill.

Several companies are working in the industry, so it can be difficult for a layman to identify which firm is reliable. One of the most trustworthy options among users around the globe is American Standard.

They are renowned for manufacturing premium quality appliances for residential and commercial applications. Also, they offer distinct models, so you can choose anyone according to your needs and budget.

History Of American Standard

Established in 1875, American Standard is the oldest and trusted manufacturer of water heaters and other plumbing items in the USA.

They are currently working in more than 50 countries in the entire world. For more than 140 years, they have been a leader in the market.

Due to its reputation, 3 out of 5 houses in the USA have one product by American Standard 100 gallon water heater.

They have a remarkably extensive array of water heaters that are continuously updated and advanced, to guarantee that their items are of the greatest quality.

American Standard Water Heater Review

American Standard Water Heater Types

They make both gas and electric units for households and commercial applications. These devices can be divided into three different categories.

Tankless Heaters

They make tankless machines that work on either natural gas or LP and can produce 11 and 12 gallons of water in 60 seconds.

Their BTU input ranges from 18,000 to 199,000 and they are designed to use 15 to 55 percent less power than other heaters available out there.

On top of everything else, they boast an energy efficiency rating of 92% and have the certification of ETL and energy star.

If you are deliberating about purchasing a tankless machine, opt for the one that has an integrated gas leak detector, precision thermostat, and 5 or 12-year heat exchanger warranty.

Electric Heaters

American Standard electric water heater comes in 40, 46, and 50-gallon capacities. You can acquire them in either short or tall alignments.

All their electric devices feature automatic thermostats and meet the energy efficiency, ANSI, and NEACA standards. Their input ranges from 6 to 54 KWs and they have a 6 to 12-year warranty for both container and its parts.

Gas Heaters

The gas units of American Standard water heater reviews work on either LP or gas. Heavy gauge steel is used for crafting them and their glass-lined boilers are liable for safeguarding against rust and corrosion inside the container.

The most noteworthy feature of these devices is their self-cleaning ability, making them a maintenance-free approach to fulfill your property’s water heating requirements.

On the other hand, their input ranges from 76,000 to 512,000 BTU and they come in 30, 40, and 50-gallon capabilities.  

American Standard Water Heater Reviews

American Standard Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Things To Consider

Fuel Type

The company offers a wide variety of products, so you can choose any one depending on your house’s fuel source. If you have natural gas or LP in your house, then you can give a shot to a tank-style or tankless heater.

We would recommend you to go for the tankless device as it saves tons of water and is highly energy efficient. Furthermore, they offer electric appliances that are environment-friendly and will lower your power bill.

Installation Location

Each household has different requirements due to the unit’s locality. You may need a totally different product, which the American Standard is equipped for.

For instance, if in your area, you can’t deploy long water pipes, buy their point-of-use heaters. They are useful for those folks who have limited space in the house or want their machine to be under the sink.


If you are happy to invest a little extra amount for a stellar quality unit and your mental peace, then American Standard’s heaters are a perfect choice.


These days, many people want to buy units with higher energy efficiency ratings. American Standard offers highly energy-smart devices with small and tall alignments for diverse deployment settings.

The Unit’s Size

The firm offers units with a capacity of 30 to 100 gallons per minute, making it certain that you can obtain the optimal quantity of warm water you require for your house.

If you have a mighty family, you should buy a large-size heater with a higher capacity to hold hot water. However, if you are a family of 2, a small-sized device would be suitable for you.

Advantages Of American Standard Hot Water Heater Reviews

  • All of their appliances are supremely durable. The company claims that its products last longer than other heaters available in the industry. To make their tanks resilient, they utilize heavy-gauge steel. Moreover, fiberglass filler prevents rust and makes the boiler last for a prolonged duration.
  • The firm is dedicated to producing innovative products. They are continuously releasing revolutionary items and advancing their older models. So, when you buy an American Standard heater, you can rest assured that it contains modern technology.
  • They offer the best warranties on all their models. Each unit features a 6 to 12-year warranty, which encloses the expenses of the majority of the troubles that you might come across.

Disadvantages Of American Standard Electric Water Heater

  • Their devices are very expensive.
  • The residential American Standard 100 gallon water heater collection is limited.


American Standard is a reliable and trusted organization that distributes different types of water heaters for residential and commercial applications.
They integrate the latest technology and groundbreaking features in their products, thus; they stand out from their competitors.
The company predominantly serves bigger houses and apartments; however, they also offer good options for tiny homes, including tankless heaters.
If you want to buy any particular model, determine your needs and then select the one that suits you. Our thorough American Standard water heater reviews will help you in making a wise decision.

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