RHEEM VS AO SMITH – Which One Makes Better Water Heaters in 2021?

AO SMITH and RHEEM are two great organizations on which everyone in the world can trust. Their premium quality water heaters are available globally and arrive with cutting-edge technology.

That’s why; the majority of individuals have their residences filled with such remarkable companies and their appliances. To be honest, both contenders have a couple of hundred years of experience under their belts.


Both of them produce a huge variety of different heaters for mighty and tiny homes. Their devices are powered by electricity, gas, and propane. And, they distribute both tank-style and tankless water heaters.

Almost, 37 percent of homeowners in the United States use AO Smith water heaters, while 35 percent of people use RHEEM water heaters. So, it’s a neck-to-neck fight between both companies, and it is very difficult to choose one amongst them.

In this RHEEM VS AO Smith review, we will be giving you detailed information about each brand. We will also inform you about how their units perform under peak hour usage and what are the advantages of having their products. So let’s get started.

A Brief Review Of RHEEM

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They have been working since 1925. Over the years, they have set themselves up as one of the leading water heaters companies in North America.

They are also present in Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. To fulfill your cooling and heating needs, they produce everything from tank to Raheem tankless water heaters.

Furthermore, they generate solar, gas, and electric appliances for both residential and commercial places. Because of their commitment and dedication, you will always find them on “the best” list.

Some of their machines are famous for producing a tad bit of noise. Some people are concerned about them being manufactured outside of the USA. No matter what, RHEEM has a long history of stellar quality items.

A Brief Review Of AO SMITH

ao smith tankless water heater review

AO SMITH is one of the prominent brands in the water heater market that distribute commercial and residential heaters. The majority of people know them as the most reliable tank-style water heater makers.

But, they also offer tankless devices that are highly energy-efficient. They have been operating in the industry since 1939. In 1950, they created a glass-lined tank, so they are called a “company of innovation.”

In 2010, they stepped into the solar water heater market and incorporated the same high level of technology as others in their products.

They are also located in India, Europe, China, and the United States. Some people are concerned about their international focus, while others believe that they can further improve the quality of their items.

Proline is one of their most stout lines, where they have made the XE, which features adequate energy smartness for uninterrupted heat during an infinite shower.


RHEEM has been delivering its devices for more than 100 years with a wide collection of high-quality and practical water heaters. They are the leaders in the USA in the electric tankless water heater industry.

At the end of 1925, they introduced their water heaters for residential applications. From the very beginning, they strived to satisfy the needs of their consumers.

Over time, they have launched many revolutionary models with innovative features and groundbreaking technology. The specialty of their electric devices is that they are super-easy to deploy.

On the other hand, AO SMITH offers items with a 12-year warranty. They also offer a huge assortment of water heaters. For gas-fired units, this brand is a perfect choice.

It was established in 1921 and due to their unique techniques and approaches; they helped to bring a radical transformation in the water heaters. Most of their units have the energy star certificate for their optimal performance.

RHEEM VS AO SMITH Electric Water Heater

The electric machines are highly energy-efficient and are a valuable purchase for folks who prioritize not only performance but efficiency too.

The RHEEM electric water heaters are excellent in terms of performance and arrive with great compatibility. You can choose them because of their quick start-up.

They demand minimal time and effort to perform. Furthermore, you can install their heaters on your own without hiring professional services. Their units feature double copper features that make them dependable.

AO SMITH creates several levels of items when it comes to superfast performance and interior quality. Each of their models covers the basic standards, thus, they are quite safe to use for both residential and commercial applications. But, they provide an array of products on 3 tires assessing their performance.

RHEEM VS AO SMITH Hybrid Water Heater Spare Parts

AO SMITH inserts changeable spare parts and interior components into its water heaters. Because of this, it becomes effortless to eliminate the heating element or the various components that are present within the unit. It involves both the tank and tankless appliances.

On the other hand, the spare parts of gas devices by RHEEM are changeable. At the same time, they put more fixed parts in the tankless units. So, you may have to hire a professional to help replace the tankless heater’s parts.


Nowadays, 8 out of 10 households have tankless water heaters. They are exclusively designed to lower the wait time and provide low NOx. To be honest, it is the most advanced technology utilized for a water heating system.

The products of AO Smith boast toxic-free ingredients, so they are safe to use. Also, almost all of their models have a digital display that lets you read the correct data and the information very swiftly.

On the other hand, the tankless heaters of RHEEM have the highest efficiency. Best of all, they have a longer life expectancy. As an outcome, their devices are more stable even under harsh weather conditions.  

RHEEM VS AO SMITH Gas Water Heater

raheem vs ao smith

Gas-powered machines are renowned for their seamless service. They use low fuel, so they are much more efficient than other types of heaters.

The gas devices for AO Smith are popular because of their unique functions and excellent performance.

The brand has forever concentrated on attaining the LEED ratings to make its models highly efficient. But, they confirm that their items have low emissions of NOx.

On the flip side, RHEEM has several product lines when it comes to gas-fired appliances. The majority of their items are somewhat different in terms of levels and series. They have decent performance and are also eco-friendly.

RHEEM VS AO SMITH Electric Hot Water Heater User Guide

The user’s guide offered by AO Smith does not contain a lot of information. The information they have provided is crisp and covers just data about the heater components.

However, the user’s guide for the RHEEM units covers everything you need to know about the heater.

You acquire thorough information about the parts and valves. So when the time comes to replace them, it becomes super-easy for the RHEEM unit.


The prices of RHEEM water heating devices range from $200 to $1700. However, the prices of AO Smith heaters range from $240 to $1500.


Now after reading our in-depth RHEEM VS AO SMITH water softener review, you have learned that both companies are quite similar to each other.
However, if you go in for an extensive review, RHEEM wins the war against AO Smith because of minute differences. So our vote will go for the RHEEM electric and tankless devices.
But, if you are hunting for a gas heater, give a shot to AO SMITH gas units to enjoy long showers. No matter which brand you pick, follow the installation instructions and take care of the device properly to utilize it for a long duration. 

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