What Brand Of Water Heater Is The Most Reliable? Complete Guide 2021

The tankless water heater is one of the most vital appliances that every modern household need. We depend on it 24/7.

It consumes up to 20 percent of your residence’s energy expenditure, thus, it is critical to select the most dependable and technologically advanced tankless unit.

But as numerous companies are working in the industry, so you might be wondering what brand of water heater is the most reliable?

We understand that it can be tricky for you to choose the trustworthy one from so many options. 

Fortunately, we have come up with some of the best water heater manufacturers, to decrease the burden on your shoulders and ensure that you have a great buying experience.  

What Is The Best Brand For A Water Heater?

1. Stiebel Eltron

What Brand Of Water Heater Is The Most Reliable

Stiebel Eltron has been making stellar quality and cost-effective water heaters for more than 95 years now.

It is a popular German-based company that produces tankless electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and solar thermal equipment.

They strive to manufacture energy-efficient devices for their consumers to add comfort to their lives. A good thing about them is that they integrate revolutionary technology into their machines.

Their heating boilers are exclusively designed to permit you to generate warm water in a large capacity without utilizing a lot of power.

Besides, their containers are insulated to lower stand-by loss and for enhanced energy savings.

The technology that has been incorporated into their heaters allows a single resistance element for backup water heating during peak hours.

It occurs because they place the single booster component on the tank’s top.

2. Rheem

Rheem is serving its valuable customers since 1925. The American company creates both residential and commercial water heating devices.

For more than a decade, they have been the leading brand of water heaters in North America. They are present in 14 countries, including America and Canada.

They provide units in different sizes and with several warranties. Their tankless appliances are popular in the entire world because they integrate cutting-edge features and the latest technology in them. 

They are notorious to recover instantly and also demand minimal maintenance. When it comes to instant water heaters, they are considered the front-runner.

The energy efficiency factor also makes them stand out from their competitors. Overall, it is the most reliable water heater brand in the USA that is going to lead the industry in the foreseeing future.  

3. Bradford White

bradford white water heaters logo vector

If you are looking for an all-American manufacturer, then nothing can compete with Bradford White Corporation. This large organization is renowned for its contribution to commercial water heaters.

People are in love with their tankless devices. They come up with a vast array of products from their collection. They mostly produce gas and electric-powered machines.

However, their prices are very high, but in the long run, it’s an incredible option. The majority of their products provide a problem-free run.   

On top of everything else, this most reliable water heater company provides professional assistance whenever you run into a problem with the unit.

You can expect to acquire a 10 year or lifetime warranty on their units. According to water heater ratings by brand, folks who have bought Bradford machines have had an extraordinary experience with their products.  

4. A.O. Smith

A.O Smith is one of the best corporations when it comes to water heating appliances. It was established in 1874. Initially, they made steel car frames and then started producing water heaters.

Only contractors and plumbing retailers sell their products. The products include solar, tankless, tank, and hybrid water heaters.

If you are thinking about buying any item from A.O. Smith, then rest assured that it will be one of the best buying decisions of your life.

Their gas units are considered to be the most dependable and most energy-efficient presently available in the market.

Best of all, many of their models have energy star certification. On the other hand, they create affordable electric-powered and solar-powered options.

5. Kenmore

35 355028 horse logo car brand name kenmore logo kenmore

Kenmore is also one of the most reliable water heater companies worldwide. They have been operating since 1913 and their house appliances are very popular in America.

In the water heater section, they have hybrid, electric, propane, and gas-fired machines. When you get a product from Kenmore, you can be sure of getting superior performance and reliability.

Their electric models will offer you excellent value for hard-earned money because they are designed to use minimal electricity.

They keep the water warm for a long time, which makes this company the best catch for cost-conscious.

They offer 6 to 12 years’ warranties on many of their products. So, if you are willing to invest in an energy-saving appliance, then you can rely on Kenmore.

6. Bosch

Bosch is one of the top-notch suppliers of residential appliances, water heaters, security systems, miter saw, and more.

They have earned a reputation through their commitment to premium quality and modernization. They are loyal and committed to their valued consumers.

Professional contractors highly recommend this company because they have been working in the market for more than 125 years.

This organization mainly generates tankless devices that are highly durable and affordable.

Plus, cutting-edge features and modern technology are inserted into them. They offer more guarantees than their competitors.

7. Ecosmart

ecosmart logo

If you are looking for what is the best water heater brand that produces high-performance and dependable water heaters, then Ecosmart is the right option for you.

The firm specializes in making environment-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-smart units. They are capable of outperforming mighty units because innovative smart boost technology is incorporated into them.

It enables the machines to generate the same amount of energy as a heater of 45% bigger. This, as a result, can aid to lower your monthly power expenses by up to 60 percent.

If you want to save money on energy bills in the long run, then you will have to pay a high amount upfront.

But, Ecosmart devices are very budget-friendly, so there is no need to spend a hefty amount upfront for purchasing a machine.


Having a great quality and reliable water heater means you can enjoy hot water for many years to come.
Determine what type of heater is suitable for you, and then select a company that offers you resilience, superior performance, efficiency, and affordability.
In our article on “what brand of water heater is the most reliable”, the firms we have highlighted are some of the best water heater makers that have been working in the market for many years.
They are focused on producing stellar quality items that are ideal for both residential and commercial usage.

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